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Secure Opinion enables you to safely seek opinions from a variety of sources, and on a range of subjects. You can then compare the different sets of views to get a clear picture of how your services, products or people are viewed by others.

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Secure Opinion - The Opinion Gathering Tool For Professionals

That enables you to:

Collect Opinions

Build Reports

Analyse Responses

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We can help you:

  • Assess People, Products, Projects
  • Create Surveys
  • Generate Questionnaires
  • Monitor Performance
  • Educate your Clients, Users, Employees, etc

Three levels of reporting:

  1. Individual report for each respondent
  2. A simple summary of the responses
  3. Customizable Project Reports - Our report design tool enables you to create and store your own customized reports.

Can Also Be Used Do Deliver Real Time Training

HELP: - This option enables you to add a URL link to provide assistance with answering a question, or a set of questions.

You can also add links to:

These features will enable you to use Secure Opinion to create training programs with built in questions, assessment and links to guides and tutorials.